December 16, 2013

To End 2013

Those who have been following my blog will notice that I have removed all posts prior to September 2013. I will be expanding upon these essays with further thinking and research. My plan is to put the polished versions into my next book.

Also,  I  am currently in the throes of a major life transition. That is why I have been posting with less frequency. My plan is to position myself in a lifestyle conducive to more contemplation and writing. While making this transformation, I will do my best to post when the Spirit moves me.

I certainly am looking forward to 2014 and wish you all the very best for the coming year.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

With so much trouble in the world and Christmas 2013 soon to come, I thought I would share the following poem from Thoughts From A Contemplative Beast: The Paradigm Shift for the New Millennium.

Waiting on the Cosmic Christ

Too many Homo sapiens thinking
that they are the king of the jungle.
It's a sports arena waiting for a fight to break out.

It's a lack of compassion waiting to pounce on
an innocent child in a dysfunctional family.

It's self-righteous judgment sealing tight any
 possibility for apprehension of the truth. 

Too much delusion in too many beasts;
It's a time bomb waiting to explode.

As we sink deeper into this morass of
moral decay with no saviour in sight,
keep your eyes set on the heavens
and your gaze fixed on the kingdom within.

Pic: M Wisniewska/   

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