May 7, 2014

Tears for Nigeria

Mother's day is soon to be here in Canada and my thoughts turn to the moms in Nigeria. My prayers go out to these women who just wanted to give their daughters an education. They just want to help their girls get prepared for the 21st century. Now their children have been kidnapped by a group of thugs who actually believe they are operating on behalf of the Almighty.

Here is a blatant example of how deluded the human primate can get. Boko Haram, the terrorists who have been marauding Nigeria, intend to sell their captives to the sex-slave trade. I am wondering if these near-chimpanzees have ever asked themselves what Mohammad would say about their violations. On second thought, I have to realize that these primates are actually at a different level in evolution. They have not yet discovered how to use their innate ability for self-reflection. They have not yet realized that their mission is one of taming the beast, that reptilian part of the human brain that affects the human psyche.

So folks, here's the big problem. There are groups of primates spread across this planet who literally are at a lower evolutionary level. They are driven by greed, aggression, lust and have no inkling that their animal instincts are steering their actions. Although they may think they are acting on behalf of Allah, the truth is they have not a clue about how to align their behaviors with the Law of God.  They think the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" refers to somebody else. In their mind's eye, they are exempt from the laws that make for harmonious human relations.

Nevertheless, there is some good news. Humankind is compelled to ascend the evolutionary ladder. The stragglers, those opposing an evolutionary upgrade, will no doubt continue to cause havoc. However, with the coming of the Cosmic Christ, that evolutionary impulse driving all of creation, be comforted by the knowledge that their days are numbered.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

Pic:Kim Lee Design

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