December 15, 2014

Christmastime In This Human Zoo

I hope you have a happy holiday and a merry Christmas. It certainly will be interesting to see what the new year brings. Just when I think that it can't get any crazier something else comes along to prove me wrong.
Below is a poem recently penned.
Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks
 Christmastime in This Human Zoo
It's Christmastime in this human zoo.
So much strife and delusion.
What the hell are we going to do?
We've got fairy tale economics and
psychopaths at the helm,
over and over the deadly mistakes of the past.
And, oh yes, we have a history
of visionaries being snuffed out in a flash.
Yeah ..., it's Christmastime in this human zoo.
Seriously folks, what the hell are  you  going to do?

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