May 14, 2015

Come Back To Love

The following poem is found in Thoughts From A Contemplative Beast: The Paradigm Shift For The New Millennium. Written over 15 years ago, its message is more relevant than ever.

Bringing Our Boys Back Home to Love

Now boys have you come to your senses?
Will all your war games come to an end?
Can you rise up and come out of the trenches?
‘Cause we got the whole wide world to mend.

Now boys can you aim to be meek
or has that ego still got you by the balls?
It's humility and God's truth we must now seek
if we're to answer our ailing Mother Earth as she calls.

Now boys can you speak of love and respect
or has the cat still got your tongue?
Olive branches you must now go fetch
if there's to be a kingdom left to come!

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