November 14, 2015

Not Even This Anti-Christ

"You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions"
Mark 7:9 Jesus Christ  

My sympathy goes out to the French people, and to all the others in the Middle East and Africa who have lost loved ones and have been traumatized by terrorism.What dark times we live in.  If only IS and the other psychopaths wrecking havoc on humanity could see themselves as they truly are.

These human primates have not a clue about the bestial imperatives driving them. They can't see their own defenses and delusion at work in their thinking; so, for them it is not even an issue. There can be no reasoning with them because they can't see a problem with their thinking.

Take heart though, these hangers on from a bygone era will soon be eradicated. After all, humanity is meant to ascend the evolutionary ladder. And, not even this anti-Christ is more powerful than the Creator.

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks

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