April 18, 2014

Resurrecting The Resurrection

In some Christian circles, there is the belief that Jesus will reappear in the human arena. However, this son of God clearly told us that he would ask the Father to send us another counselor who would stay with us forever. In John 14:17 we are told that this counselor is the Spirit of truth. Yet, there are still those Christians who insist Jesus, the man, will arrive on the planet and save us all from our own folly. Let me offer you an alternative interpretation of the resurrection that takes into account our  human predicament.

There are two aspects to Jesus: the human and the divine. The human part of Jesus, the
man, was immersed in his own culture and religion (Jewish) just like the rest of us human primates. But, the divine aspect of Jesus, the Christ, is not so easy to comprehend and needs more explanation.

The Almighty's evolutionary agenda for our species requires a further distancing of humanity from bestial origins. Evolution, then, demands that people like you and I undergo transformations of consciousness. Yet, in order to set in motion this transfiguration of humanity, the Creator needs a change-agent to work through, acting as an evolutionary catalyst. This is the function of the Christ.

Jesus knew that he was acting as that change-agent for the Creator. "It is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work.", he says in John 14:10. His role is to help us recognize the truth about our humble position within the scheme of things. By virtue of being a part of the emergent universe, our species truly is an animal in the throes of transformation. Our evolutionary ascent actually demands radical self-development from us. We need to learn how to temper our animal aggression and to manage our bestial instincts. First, however, we must recognize our need to do so. We need humility.

Jesus Christ's message speaks to something other than religion; He is on to something more fundamental. He wants his species to come to grips with its lowly status as a primate. He hopes to shift our paradigms to such an extent that we get greater clarity about the organic predicament in which we are situated. We too are subject to the Law that governs all of creation.

Jesus, the man, will not be coming down from heaven and saving us. Rather, our salvation lies in answering this Christ's call for a profound humility. By resurrecting the evolutionary message of the Christ in our hearts and minds we, like Jesus, can become channels for adaptive change.  Now that's a resurrection that contemporary minds just might find more worthy of looking into.

Happy Easter.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks 
                                      Pic: M. Wisniewska-Dreamstime.com