October 6, 2014

Let There Be More Light

These days I am looking for a glimmer of hope wherever I can find it. Funny enough,  I see the recent "Climate Change" protest in New York as just that, but in a paradoxical way. For sure it is unfortunate we have reached this critical situation in the first place. However, the hopeful part is that there are increasing numbers of us waking up to the truth. It appears that the expanding extinction of assorted flora and fauna finally is capturing mass attention.

The good news about the environmental crisis is that it is actually helping us to see more clearly our position within the scheme of things. The deleterious impact we are having on Mother Earth is forcing us to come face to face with our bestial origins and human nature - from somewhat of a transcendent perspective - as we try to figure out what to do with ourselves. Now more conscious of humanity's interconnectedness to the rest of creation, we are discovering the true meaning of humility.

More of us are seeing our species as it truly is. We are a bunch of primates on a deadly trajectory.
It is becoming increasingly apparent that our species' survival is going to require unprecedented levels of cooperation amongst all of us. We humans are being asked to cultivate a conscience that far surpasses anything our species has had thus far. More than ever, we need to be conscious of the impact of our individual and collective behaviours.

Perched on the brink of extinction, humankind can no longer afford to be driven by an animal self-centeredness. More than ever, our species needs to ascend the evolutionary ladder; we need a transformation in human consciousness. Fortunately, the protesters in New York and many others around the globe are on to it.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


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