March 23, 2015

They Know Not What They Do

Until recently I had forgotten about the two primates who in 2013 had planned to attack a passenger train in Toronto. It has been the up to date news about their trial and guilty verdict that again got me thinking about them. Fortunately, it was the plot of these terrorists that was derailed and not the train. We have to give thanks to the law enforcement people who prevented that horror. 

What really fascinated me about their court case was the position taken by the accused Chihib Essghaier. He refused to have a legal representative and presented as if the Canadian legal system had no relevance to his situation. He claimed that only shariah law would do and that Allah was the only one to judge. If Allah is the only judge, why then did he think himself qualified to be the judge of our democratic society to the point of murdering innocent people? It is not hard to spot the deep flaw in his logic. Too bad he can't see it.

Another interesting fact about this hominid is his education. He was a doctoral student; he has an undergraduate degree in industrial biology and a master's degree in industrial biotechnology. Basically this means the guy had been studying biology for a very long time. However, it looks like he missed one extremely important scientific fact. He has not taken into account that humankind is just one particular strand in the web of life.

I suspect, like many in our species, he has been clinging on to an anthropocentric world-view.  As a student of biology I bet he can look at the other creatures and see that their bestial instincts and aggressive impulses are constantly affecting their actions. Yet, it looks like he has no real inkling of the impact of his own bestial origins and the influence that his conditioned animal brain has upon his own thinking. While in prison I hope he can acquire an authentic humility because without it he will remain shackled to his delusions of grandeur. He will keep thinking that his wishes represent God's will and thereby continue to be a danger to the rest of us.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


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March 12, 2015

Lions, Tigers and Hominids, Oh My

Although I label myself a Christian mystic there are some days I feel like joining the ranks of the New Atheists like Dawkins and Harris. However, the one problem with that course of action is the fact that I had a mystical union with the Almighty in 1997. So for me, there is no denying the existence of a cosmic consciousness whether you call that God, Allah or Jah.

What has got me feeling this way is the spin that some of the fundamentalist Christians have been taking in the USA. Just like moderate Muslims who do not want to be lumped into the same category as ISIS, I fear that I too will be written off as one of these Christian loonies just because I wear a cross around my neck.

Talk about another bunch of deluded primates! These so-called followers of Christ actually are thrilled about ISIS: they believe that the destruction and suffering brought about by this group of deranged creatures, who call themselves Muslims, is great news. They think it points to the End Times and the return of Jesus Christ. They actually believe that after we human primates engage in self-destruction unparalleled in our species' history, Jesus will be descending from the heavens in order to save us or at least the Christian hominids.

The real scary part is that many of the Republican politicians have swallowed the same "kool-aid". And, they impact American foreign policy. These leaders don't want to recognize America's role in creating ISIS in the first place. Fuelled by paranoia and bestial instincts just like the Islamic terrorists, they aren't seeing things clearly. I just wish everybody in the world could take a long and penetrating look in a mirror to see the primate staring back. If so, maybe then we will see an increase in the humility that it is going to take to end the current chaos and to truly bring heaven on to this Earth.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks