August 3, 2017

Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt

" That repose (new world) which you are waiting for has come,
 but for your part you do not recognize it. "
                                  Jesus Christ - The Gospel According to Thomas

I am astonished at those who dismiss the importance of Thomas' gospels. I guess they don't know that scholars now believe these documents do in fact date back to the very beginnings of the Christian era. These gospels, along with other Gnostic scriptures, were tucked away safely in the Egyptian desert (Nag Hamadi region) for nearly two millennia. It was not until 1945 that jars housing these leather-bound papyrus codices were unearthed by a farmer.

Until this find these ancient manuscripts, that were buried about 45 years after the murder of Jesus, had not seen the light of day. What this means is that no one had a chance to put to flame the parts of this collection that they did not like. No one had the opportunity to censor any of the ideas that didn't fit with particular views. And most fortuitously, no one had a chance to send into obscurity important insights Jesus shared with Thomas.

Thomas, one of Jesus' apostles, has been portrayed as a skeptic of sorts. However, his doubts about the resurrection didn't stop him from making important contributions to our knowledge about Jesus. After all, it was through Thomas' gospels that I came to see that Jesus' take on things was very much in line with what I had a glimpse of during my mystical union.

During my encounter with the Almighty I came to the realization that the human body is in fact a domestic animal. In my mind's eye I could see that our species is barely domesticated and in need of an upgrade. So you can imagine my surprise to discover later that Jesus, two millennia ago, preached these facts to his inner circle. 

What astonishes me even further are those I meet who can't grasp the fact that we humans are primates. "I have been created in the image of God" or "I am an animal plus"say the many. There is this tendency to focus on how evolved our species is all the while ignoring the obvious about our bestial origins. We need to realize that we are animals in an ecological context.  

In fact, right now we need a global acknowledgment of our species' humble status within the scheme of things. If ever we are to emerge from our current chaos we must have a rethink about our place in the universe. There is no escape from the Law that governs our organic predicament. When we pollute the water there is nothing to drink. If we traumatize children we get maladjusted adults.

At this juncture in Homo sapiens' evolutionary ascent  we humans are being called to undergo a transformation of consciousness by making a shift in our paradigms. The peace and harmony we all long for will remain a pipe dream as long as we neglect to cultivate the kind of genuine humility Christ prescribed for us two thousand years ago. 

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

                      Pic:Chapel at Magdala, Israel

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July 27, 2017

A Call to the Flower Power

The Electric Church

One last shot of Jimi's finger magic,
poured out through his wailing guitar,
will alert the psychedelic zombies to
the spirit vibrating across the airways.

The voodoo hippies will awaken
to the call for a new renaissance strong,
but no longer graced with Janis
hot at the microphone.

The children of love will again
rise up, as they no longer need
a resurrection of John Lennon's
imagination to spur them on.

The slumbering flower power will awaken
to destiny and descend like an angel
to infuse one more hefty dose of love.

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June 19, 2017

Homo sapiens On The Brink

This calls for wisdom. If anyone has insight,
 let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is man's number.
                                                                            Revelation 13:18
                                                                                                 The New Testament 

Apocalypse is a term commonly associated with end time scenarios. In ancient Greece it meant "an uncovering", a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. Well, we just have to tune into the 11 o'clock news to get a taste of what is being revealed these days: 
Chaos in American politics and plans for more war in the Middle-East. A trumped up hostility between USA and Russia despite the co-operation President Trump hoped for when he first took the job.  An insecure and immature leader in North Korea working on nukes while terrorizing his own people. Tribal wars ongoing in Africa and the Middle-East. Militant Islam holding the world hostage. Failed states in Central and South America. Corrupt politics everywhere. Women and children still seen as sex objects by the alpha males. And, this lengthy list doesn't even speak to the environmental disasters in our midst.
Really folks! What genius came up with the idea of reformulating liquid soap to include plastic micro-beads? And, the fact that such products are allowed on supermarket shelves says volumes about our regulatory bodies governing consumer products. Now that I know the fish are eating this plastic I don't think I will be ordering seafood any time soon. 

If ever we are to turn this ship around and put Homo sapiens on a more sane trajectory we need to reconcile with the facts about our species' humble status. We are primates and very deluded ones at that. Many of us just aren't seeing our organic predicament clearly. As a result, we have 
very insistent people intent on building an oil pipeline over an aquifer that nourishes millions of people and countless wildlife. I wonder what the folk suffering the consequences of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico think about this risky plan. 

The construction of nuclear power plants over fault lines and the refusal to rethink vaccines now that our electron microscopy reveals mycoplasma contamination speaks to just how deluded this species really is. Right now, at this point in history, the facts about our humble status as primates are being uncoveredAnd, if the truth be known, the fate of our species is dependent upon our collective response to this revelation. It can only be the meek who will inherit the Earth just as Jesus the Christ revealed two thousand years ago.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


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April 15, 2017

The Miracle Yet To Come

Recently I had the good fortune to travel to Israel. I went on an eleven day group pilgrimage across the Holy Land. Our itinerary was all about following in the footsteps of Jesus.

The pace was hectic but worth it. We saw one architectural marvel after another as we toured the many cathedrals that are now on sites known to have been touched by Jesus and/or his disciples. These "holy" spaces are filled with spectacular mosaics, stained glass and other priceless works of art. Words cannot relay the beauty that is there to be seen.

Another delightful aspect of our Israeli tour was the visits to a number of archaeological ruins. Excavations have made it possible to see what the towns and places, familiar to Jesus, would have looked like in his day. In the archaeological park at Magdala there is a first century synagogue in which Jesus actually preached.  These snapshots in time reveal just how rustic and physically demanding life was for Jesus and his followers.

Throughout the journey our extremely knowledgeable tour guide relayed copious amounts of information. Armed with a degree in theology, Peter did an outstanding job at showcasing the Christian history of Israel. And, he freely shared his knowledge about art, architecture, religion, archeology, geology, politics and geography. I must say by journey's end I felt as if I had taken a university course.

It should come as no surprise that in the Holy Land there is much ado about the miracles Jesus was said to have performed. Breathtaking shrines, ancient and modern, have been built upon the spots where the magic occurred; and, the tourists flock there. But, according to historical records Jesus was not the only rabbi stunning the crowds with a magic show. At that time there were many others vying for the title of best miracle worker. Why is it then that Jesus ended up in the history books instead of some other rabbi?

For centuries Christian leaders have claimed that Jesus' message is the superior one. Even when studies in comparative religion have revealed that Jesus' teachings reflect a perennial wisdom found in other cultures, some continue to hold up Christ's miracles as evidence of Christian superiority. I wonder how many of these people would change their tune if they realized that miracle-working was simply part of Jewish culture during the first century. 

Many of today's folk believe that there has been much ado about nothing when it comes to Jesus. With reason as their litmus test they balk at what they see as far-fetched tales of virgin births and resurrections of the dead. These fantastical fabrications, rather than bedazzling modern people into becoming a part of Jesus' flock, do just the opposite.

I am of two minds when it comes to Jesus' miracles. Like many scholars, I realize that there has been a lot of implausible attached to the this phenomenon. However, if the association to miracle-making is what it took to ensure Jesus remained an important historical figure, then I am glad of it. I am glad of it because humankind thus far has not been ready to hear the real message Jesus was intent on delivering. If the intrigue about Jesus had not been maintained how likely is it that we would still be talking about him these days?

Thankfully, the real deal about Jesus was not lost in the sands of time but rather preserved by Thomas, a disciple of Christ.  And now, Thomas' take on Jesus is available to be understood by all of humanity. His gospels, that date back to the earliest of times in Christianity, were tucked away in the Egyptian desert with a collection of other Gnostic manuscripts until 1945.

Through Thomas we find a Jesus who wants us to confront those bestial aspects of our human nature that cause so much ignorance and suffering.  "For the body is a domestic animal. Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself." commands Jesus. Jesus is asking us to self-regulate in such a way as to weed out aggressive tendencies and delusional beliefs that operate by virtue of our animal origins.

Consequently no matter how mesmerized we remain by miracles and magic, without the acknowledgment of the dysfunctional aspects of our animal nature the ascent of humankind is not possible. Without our humility the human primate is sure to continue with war and rumors of more wars. The real miracle, then, is that Jesus knew this and was willing to be crucified so that the rest of his species, at some point in the future, could know this too.

Happy Easter 2017

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks

 Stained glass in Israel

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January 30, 2017

Ohh, Canada

"You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God
 in order to observe your own traditions."
                                                                                             Jesus Christ, Mark 7:9

This morning I can't stop crying. The news that innocent worshipers in a Quebec mosque were gunned down yesterday has me, along with so many other Canadians, reeling with grief. Frankly I have been feeling kind of smug lately about being a Canadian as I have been comparing my country's attitudes about diversity to that of the USA. But, the fact is that my country is not immune from the actions of deluded and hateful primates.

The hatred that continues to surface across the globe is a reflection of how far Homo sapiens has to go in terms of our species' evolutionary ascent. Without a real recognition and acceptance of our animal nature humankind will continue to be driven by unconscious bestial inclinations. Without a widespread emphasis on our species' need for an authentic humility we will continue to see more murder and mayhem in spite of the best efforts of those who sincerely wanted to lead humanity to the promised land.

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks


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December 30, 2016

In The Hands of a Mere Human

A friend asked me to look at Christopher Hitchens' video The Fabrication of Jesus Christ as he wanted my take on it. I thought I would use the video as a point of discussion to relay some of my knowledge about Jesus Christ. I want to mention though that my take on Jesus was exactly as Hitchens proposed before I had my mystical union. So, I do have some sympathy for this atheist. Nevertheless, this video provides a good demonstration of what happens when documents meant for mystics are put in the hands of a nonenlightened human.

1. Hitchens begins with the idea that Socrates may not have existed but that there was someone in antiquity who advanced the method ascribed to him. He believes that the same phenomena may have been the case with Jesus. I doubt it. If we look at the history of the world's major religions and many of the minor sects we see that most have been founded by actual people who claimed that their religious message was in response to a mystical union with the Almighty. Those mystics, who successfully negotiated their awakening, then went on to become charismatic figures with insight into what could correct the wrong in their societies. Also, these enlightened ones had immense faith in their ability to bring their message to the masses around them. I believe Jesus was among this group of mystics.

Furthermore, I do not believe that the ancients would have taken time and resources to write about Jesus' mission if they were not convinced that He had something important to say for the generations to follow. Writing was not an ubiquitous activity as it is now.

However, I am disappointed in how these ancient scribes depicted Jesus in the New Testament. I found The Book of Thomas The Contender, in the Nag Hammadi Library, did a better job at relaying JC's message about the need for our humility and its relationship to the evolutionary task of the human animal.

2. Hitchens believes Jesus was a deluded religious fanatic. He thinks he was deluded because some of the New Testament books state that Jesus was born of a virgin. However, if you look at any red letter version you can see that Jesus himself never made that claim. Another point to consider is that the Gospel of Mark was actually the first book written and the other gospels came after. Mark makes no claim of virgin births. What scholars now believe is that the early followers of Jesus, in their attempt to lure so-called pagans into their fold, came up with stories they thought these pagans would fall for. And,these far-fetched tales of virgin births and resurrections did bedazzle many into becoming a part of JC"s flock. But, unfortunately these fantastical fabrications, alongside legitimate information, were passed down and ended up obscuring the really important stuff.

3. Another reason that Hitchens believes Jesus to be deluded is because he told his followers to abandon their families and follow him. All of us have heard about families who do not want their adult children pursuing a religious path different from the family tradition. Jesus had new insights that superseded the traditional understanding of the Jews of his time. He did not want his followers to let family tradition interfere in their ability to contribute to the promotion of his vital message about the evolution of the human primate.

4. Hitchens ends this short video with his analysis of the female followers of JC. He dismisses them as merely hysterical women awestruck by a charismatic figure. These ladies were mothers, grandmothers and maybe even great grandmothers who had a vested interest in what happens to the species. It is highly likely that these women knew Jesus' message best of all and realized that the evolution of our species hinges upon our willingness to acquire humility. In this sense then, one can't blame them for being fanatical about wanting Jesus' message to become common knowledge. Maybe if others with more influence had joined them at the time, our species would be in a better place right now.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


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December 20, 2016

Merry Christmas Homo sapiens and Homo sapiens sapiens too

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted;
 the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered the most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph." 
                                                                                                                     Haile Selassie

Update as of March 3: I received a response from Health Canada informing me that vaccines are safe. It is obvious that this branch of the government hasn't read this very credible research paper that clearly indicates that vaccines are tainted with mycoplasma. 

Some of my followers know that I have been battling Lyme disease for over 14 years now. It took 10 years to get the diagnosis and that came about not through the medical establishment. It was a friend who helped me to remember the tic bite I had had while camping. I need not bore you with the details other than the fact that the resolution of my condition has been complicated by a mycoplasma.

This tiniest microscopic bugger got into my body by riding on the back of the Lyme spirochete when the tic injected it into my system. Now that I am feeling much better through the use of an alternative treatment (salt/c) I got into researching mycoplasmas.

You may be just as surprised as I was to find out that this strange bacteria/fungus-like critter is at the root of many of our chronic diseases and some childhood ones too. What I found really interesting is the fact that mycoplasma is now known as the cause of  Guillain- Barre syndrome. I found this to be so fascinating because when I worked in healthcare it was an established fact that there was a greater incidence of this life-threatening condition since the flu shot came out. I guess the doctors had read about it in the Lancet.

Anyway with my curiosity in full drive, I thought I would see if the experts had determined if mycoplasma could ride on the back of a vaccine microorganism and then result in chronic health problems other than Guillain- Barre. And, much to my shock and horror this proposal had in fact been presented to the Scottish parliament. Gee, I did not hear about any of this in the media. Did you?

Not finding any newspaper articles on line about Bill Welsh's presentation to the Scots I turned my attention to seeking out the other experts. I was hoping to find out what our scientists could tell me about the impact of these mycoplasmas on our blood supply and about  the effect our pesticide-laden food could have on these critters floating around in our primate bodies.

Surprisingly, that google search brought up a Globe and Mail article about dead microbiologists. So I thought I would dig deeper to see what had been said about the fate of these deceased. Low and behold, there exists a long list of these highly credentialed experts in vaccines and mycoplasma. who departed from us earlier in the millennium. Intriguingly enough, many of these died in a manner deemed suspicious by family and colleagues.

It was at this point in my exploration of mycoplasma that I had to end my love affair with Mr. Google as I had  to make time to post the following poem. As planned I have posted it on my blog as Venus and Jupiter align once again in the night sky to bless this Christmas season of 2016. Have a conscious one my peeps.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


Venus and Jupiter are aligned in the night sky.
Surely a heavenly signal informing that
God's all-powerful love has not died.

Tonight the celestial realms buzz with passionate ecstasy
as the goddess of love seduces her king of gods
under the expansive and starry canopy.

These planetary bodies are dancing around the golden sun,
shifting their positions in the milky way
to bring good tidings of a holy kingdom soon to come.

Reminiscent of those cosmic occurrences in antiquity
when the star of Bethlehem graced the night sky,
a divine love was bestowed upon humanity,
with the Son of God’s delivery.

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