April 2, 2015

The Real Culprit: The Machinations of the Beast

......  The whole world was astonished and followed the beast  .....
                                                                                   Revelation 13:3

Recently Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was brought to my attention when I received this link to one of his radio interviews.  Hear for yourself his take on our current geopolitical turmoil. His views are worth noting. He is willing to put aside patriotic fervor to give a brutally honest account of America's dark side and the USA's role in producing much of our current chaos.   

Dr. Roberts, an American economist, has a lengthy list of impressive credentials including editorship at the Wall St. Journal and authorship of numerous thought-provoking books. And, during the Reagan administration he was appointed as the assistant secretary to the USA Treasury. I think it is safe to assume this guy knows what he is talking about. As evidenced in the interview, his analysis is spectacularly clear.

According to Dr. Roberts, the USA on the hunt for resources and power, has been interfering in Middle Eastern politics on a whole bunch of fronts. He maintains that even the European Union is wanting to dissociate from America for fear of being dragged into a war with Russia. He also sounds the alarm on some elements in the US government who are determined to get a war going with the Iranians. Chillingly Roberts ends the interview with a scary observation. He warns that there are "crazed neocons in control of policy" and that "they are literally insane".

What are we to make of these dramatic statements coming from a man like Dr. Roberts? Is he just exaggerating for the publicity? Or, is he using references to psychiatric pathology to underscore the seriousness of the problem he sees brewing?  Although we in the West are quick to spot the sociopathic tendencies driving Islamic fundamentalism, shouldn't we be looking at our own through the same lens?

Our answer must not ignore the knowledge gleaned from our cognitive science. Researchers have come up with a lengthy list of cognitive distortions by which humans have operated for thousands of generations.  Our scientists now have a better idea of how a human's inner kingdom of biological impulses and territorial imperatives gets translated into some extremely defensive, bordering on paranoid, thought in that human primate. I like to call this tendency "machinations of the beast". I wonder if this is what Dr. Roberts is seeing in some of these neocons in Washington.

I feel a sense of urgency in Robert's presentation. It is no wonder. After all, much of human history is a testament to what happens when Homo sapiens'  bestial machinations are left unchecked. We have managed to concoct one holocaust after another all the while fooling ourselves with self-righteous estimations about our own virtue. Is this the insanity Dr. Roberts sees percolating  in the USA?

It is obvious that humanity, in the East and in the West, needs an upgrade. The time has come for us to confront head on the beast within, and out there. We must not turn a blind eye to the scary truths Dr. Roberts has observed in Washington or any other place on the globe. Leaders, political or religious, without an authentic humility are a very real liability as they are inclined to promote machinations of the beast.      

Faithfully yours,                                 

Sheila Banks

Happy Easter 2015
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