June 8, 2016

Anti-Christ Be Damned

Homo sapiens sapiens is meant to be more than a primate domesticated by sharia law, rabbinical law, Confucian correctness or any other form of coercion. I will admit that these ancient methodologies contributed to our species' evolutionary ascent as they provided a means of advancing cooperation among the ever-increasing numbers of us. Now however, we have reached a point in the ascent of humankind where our accumulated knowledge has us perched on the brink of a paradigm shift; one profound enough to transform human consciousness.

We are finally coming to grips with what Jesus Christ spoke about two thousand years ago. Again, I go back to what Thomas quoted Jesus as saying: "The body is a domestic animal. Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself."  This truth about our animal origins is finally being confirmed by our genetics, cognitive science and evolutionary biology. And, we really are a species whose current organic predicament is calling on us for an upgrade.

The next level in the ascent of humanity hinges on our collective awakening which includes the females as well. The old notion of the alpha male with his harem is best left for the gorillas in the jungle.  If we get it right there will be no more debates in any court as to the credibility of a law that allows you to hit your wife but "only lightly".

It really does all boil down to "The Golden Rule". But treating others as you would want for yourself appears to be a difficult task for the many at this juncture. It is time though that humanity made the shift in paradigms that will bring us closer to The Truth. We must humble ourselves enough to accept the fact that we are primates in need of an expansion of our consciousness. Each one of us must learn how to monitor our own egocentric delusion if we are to be considerate of others.

Without our humility there can be no further emancipation from our bestial origins. When all is said and done, it will be our humility that gives us the best chance to birth a new order out of this current chaos.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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