January 30, 2017

Ohh, Canada

"You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God
 in order to observe your own traditions."
                                                                                             Jesus Christ, Mark 7:9

This morning I can't stop crying. The news that innocent worshipers in a Quebec mosque were gunned down yesterday has me, along with so many other Canadians, reeling with grief. Frankly I have been feeling kind of smug lately about being a Canadian as I have been comparing my country's attitudes about diversity to that of the USA. But, the fact is that my country is not immune from the actions of deluded and hateful primates.

The hatred that continues to surface across the globe is a reflection of how far Homo sapiens has to go in terms of our species' evolutionary ascent. Without a real recognition and acceptance of our animal nature humankind will continue to be driven by unconscious bestial inclinations. Without a widespread emphasis on our species' need for an authentic humility we will continue to see more murder and mayhem in spite of the best efforts of those who sincerely wanted to lead humanity to the promised land.

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks


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