May 28, 2015

Now Ain't That A Kick In The Pants

The latest scandal to hit the world of sport comes as no surprise to those in the know. Apparently allegations of  FIFA's racketeering have been floating around for decades. However, it is just now that the authorities have collected enough forensic evidence to indict some of the organization's top officials.

What else is new? Every other week the media reports on but another case of moral decay and corruption. Although the ancients warned us about the pitfalls of greed, you cannot deny how powerful a motivator money is for the human primate. Hell, we even have had a financial scandal in the Vatican.

But the good news is that we finally are confronting the status quo. These scandals are bringing to light just how insidious our animal ways truly are. Like a squirrel that piles up nuts, many in our species have a preoccupation with stock-piling money regardless of the impact on neighbors. But, it can't be business as usual because evolution is demanding something else from Homo sapiens.

This new millennium has us facing the converging conditions of the global village. Consequently we are at a stage in our evolution where unprecedented levels of cooperation will be required from all of us. We cannot let lust for material goods threaten our quest to become an ethical species. Without an expansion of our ability to cooperate, Homo sapiens surely will die out.

It will be interesting to see what the court proceedings reveal about FIFA. I won't be surprised if they find that it is one more example of greed gone amuck. As we learn to heed to the wake up call that this and the other scandals bring, you can count on a lot more butt-kicking to go down.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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