November 5, 2015

Rastaman, Will I Make You A Fisher of Men?

"Why do you call me good? No one is good - except God alone."
                                                                     Mark 10:18 Jesus Christ

The other day I posted, on a Bob Marley site, a link to my blog post "A Mystical Meeting". I was surprised at the resulting analytics; people from across the globe were on to it. In that post I offer an up to date justification for the Rastafarian's reverence for Haille Selassie.

Inspired by my trip to Jamaica, I blogged about the presentation I had produced there for some Rastas. These particular Rastafarians view Selassie as God just like some Christians do with Jesus. Yet, didn't both these "Gods" directly deny any claim to a divine status? I didn't push the point that day but instead, looking for common ground, I penned the poem found below.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

Rastaman, Will I Make You a Fisher of Men?

Now that you know which way will you go?
Now that you have had a sip of the living water,
don't tell me that Jesus does not matter.

Your King of kings knew him too,
that Christ, liberator of me and you.
Ras Tafari, like Jesus, had utopia as the mission,
the evolution of human consciousness, that God-inspired vision. 

Both Jesus and Selassie, graced with the hatching
 of a Christ-mind came to emancipate.
Now then, are you going to cooperate?

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