January 27, 2021

Peek a Boo! Now We See You

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Woe to those who call evil good and good evil,
who put darkness for light and light for darkness,
who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. 
                                                                Isaiah 5:20

“With our lowest interest rates yet, get the car you deserve” the radio advertiser declared. Immediately my brain froze to attention. “Whaat?!!” I shrieked out. Straightaway I detected danger. No other creature operates to instill this sense of entitlement in their young.

Growing up in the 1960’s entitlement was not part of our repertoire. We knew we had to work for what we wanted. Why then promote this sense of entitlement when reality does not function that way?

Messages defying common-sense are everywhere in the media.  For many it is a surprise to learn that this is being done on purpose. Through legacy media and now social media, stealth psychological operations are being run on the masses. These programs are meant to condition humans in such a way as to warp their thought processes.

I once had a girlfriend who could not understand my hesitancy about Oprah. What this friend could not see was that this New Age goddess was peddling magical thinking to her large audiences. And even to this day, evidence of this television queen’s success is everywhere.

Like the time I was at a friend’s dinner party. My refusal to indulge in second helpings prompted the self-proclaimed guru at the table to decree that it was merely about “mind over matter”. So, with that said I should eat any amount wanted without worry of weight gain. She, herself being at least 30 pounds overweight, lit in me the burning desire to ask how that philosophy was working out for her. But instead, I kept my mouth shut, partially out of political correctness; but, mainly because I was stunned at the lack of logic and delusion before me.

Fortunately, I later came across information that sheds some light on this feelings-over-facts phenomenon.  Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerology provides a label for people like Oprah. He calls them spellbinders; and, one of their roles is to make faulty reasoning acceptable.

Increasingly we are told to ignore what is in front of our eyes and seek confirmation from certified fact-checkers and from “peer reviews” by approved commentators. The relationship between vaccines and increasing levels of autism comes to mind. Why has there been so much fervor to silence those with information that doesn’t support the party line?  Why are we being discouraged from determining the truth for ourselves?

If we are led to believe in fairy tales about our existence, how can we act appropriately? Just like any other species, humankind’s survival depends upon an accurate interpretation of the environment. It was not that long ago we educated our school children about the necessity of pursuing the null hypothesis before arriving at conclusions.

We were taught that we needed all the information we could get because our brain could play tricks on us. Although not fully articulated, there was an underlying sense of our lowly status in the scheme of things. Why then promote an egoism that threatens our quest for the logical brain?

If ever there was a time for humankind to see our organic predicament for what it truly is, that time is now. What we are discovering about our environment requires a shift in paradigms. We have been led to believe that humankind is the only species without a formidable enemy. However, our contemporary science tells us otherwise. 

Research into psychopathy has provided some interesting facts about an intra-species enemy among us. Remarkably, some of these adversaries seem to be connected through bloodlines. These enemies of humanity have managed to install their cabal into positions of power for centuries, maybe even millennia. And, the impact these predator parasites have had on human evolution cannot be underestimated.

Over the centuries, kings, popes, and puppet governments have been able to capitalize on the human’s predilection for warped thinking. By using our emotional reflexes against us, overlords have been able to herd humankind into one evil and destructive scheme after another. The result has been a continuous cycle of building then destroying valuable infrastructure. And, these cycles of suffering have kept humans scrambling to address their basic needs.  

But, even more critical to human evolution is the impact that these evil ones have on the collective’s ability to live a righteous life. After all it is the pursuit of a moral life that births conscience in the human primate. The drama and trauma of war and of manufactured scarcity encourage the opposite. 

The flowering of conscience in our species is the precondition for delivering humankind from our lower nature. Without this transformation of consciousness there can be no evolutionary ascent of humankind. If the truth be known, without conscience there is no chance for an inner realization of God.

It is easy to see why psychopaths would have a vested interest in shaping the narrative. By squelching Homo sapiens capacity for conscience, the line between our species and the psychopaths among us remains blurred. What a perfect way to remain hidden in plain sight.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks 

                                                                       Pic:Allef Vinicus @Unsplash

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