September 17, 2016

Natty Dread Rise Again

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My 20th anniversary is coming up in February 2017. Twenty years will have passed since my meeting with the Almighty. Wow! I say "wow" not only because of the amount of time that has lapsed but also because of what I have learned along this mystic path.

I have learned that humans are primates, and that most humans aren't consciously aware of the impact of this fact. Once pointed out though, the reasonable ones will accept the evidence. However, it is not enough to know that humans are animals. Knowledge of that must be followed up with an analysis of the implications for one's own behavior. Without a recognition of our bestial nature, our species will never be graced with peace on Earth.

I also have observed that Homo sapiens' dependency needs have many of us fantasying about salvation. This idea that a messiah will come to save us all from our own folly just doesn't square up with the science. What science does tell us though is that we are animals in an ecological context. Therefore, it seems reasonable that evolutionary catalysts would spring up as a corrective measure if our ecology's balance was being thrown off. I believe that Jesus understood he was serving in such a capacity. "The Father is living in me.... doing His work through me" said Jesus.

Certainly Buddha, Mohammed, Guru Nanek, Lao Tzu and many others throughout human history made their valuable contributions. However, Jesus stands apart for a number of reasons. Firstly, why would one take seriously the teachings of the above mentioned spiritual masters if you do not know you are an animal in need of taming.  Knowledge of the Law is not enough; there must be a great motivation to apply it. There must be the insight into one's own lowly status as a primate.

Secondly, Jesus knew that humans are meant to be more than domesticated animals.What is being required is a radical psychological transformation of the human primate. The next phase in our species' evolution is going to require even greater cooperation between us.This means our thought patterns or behaviors have to be driven even less by our animal imperatives or conditioned responses. However, for us to claim more of our freewill Jesus knew that we will have to learn to look deep within.

Now then, some of you by now might be asking where does Natty Dread fit in. Well, it has to do with the Rastafarian proclamation that Hallie Selassie is the returned messiah. According to the founder of this messianic cult, Leonard Howell, Ethiopia's Emperor Selassie had been prophesied about in the Bible. He even picked out certain verses that he thought pointed to it. Howell also believed that Selassie was Christ-consciousness for the era that they were in.

One might be tempted to ignore Howell's fantastic claims. However, much to my surprise I have been able to find evidence of a more concrete nature that supports Howell's proclamation about Selassie's divine status. Like Jesus, Selassie clearly understood the evolutionary task at hand for the human animal. See my blog post A Mystical Meeting.

We are primates prone to delusion. Our brain chemistry is not always a steady state. Until these facts about our lowly status are made known among all nations, our species will not be able to obtain the humility necessary for humankind's ascent. Jesus came to point out this paradox. And, Selassie was to disseminate a similar message in his speech to the United Nations in 1963.

The Rastafarian take on the second-coming of Christ is one I can buy into. Christ-consciousness arises when needed and it appears to have arose in Selassie. The return of Christ is not about Jesus flying down from the heavens to save us all. It is about The Almighty's evolutionary impulse moving through a human being to achieve a radical restructuring of humanity's world view. (In other words, a paradigm shift.)

In Dread:The Rastafarians of Jamaica, Joseph Owens presented the conversations he had in the 1970's with the pioneers of the Rastafarian religion. Owens noted that the Rastas, at that time, were convinced they had received a special form of revelation. They believed that Rastafarians were to play a prophetic role of world-wide importance.Well, if I have any say in it, Natty Dread will rise again to fulfill their mission once and for all. Time will tell.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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