March 11, 2020


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"I am the way. the truth and the life"
                          Jesus Christ  John 14:6
Across the Western world there are increasing numbers of us reaching the same conclusion. We actually have had a cabal of psychopaths steering the trajectory of human history. There are heaps of credible information about their secret societies and connections to the occult. And, these creatures have been so bold as to erect statues of their Moloch idol in our public squares. It is as the folks in the Bible declared; we have Satan worshippers in our midst. And, the destruction and suffering they have inflicted upon an unsuspecting humanity throughout the ages is a testimony to their innate evil.

This cabal of psychopaths has been masterful at framing a narrative to keep us fussing and divided by race, religion, gender, politics and so on. The news, movies, books, and so many more of our communication channels have been usurped and are being used to push lies and distortions on to the masses. By capitalizing on the emotional aspects of our mammalian nature, these psychopaths have got us to willingly participate in their destructive schemes. And, they have herded humanity into one war after another.

Yet, in spite of the cabal’s powerful propaganda machine, we are gaining insights into our human predicament like never before. With instant connections and information at our fingertips, barriers between us are being brought down; and so has the curtain that has been concealing an intra-species enemy in our midst. We now have a much better understanding about the psychopaths among us. They have a different genetic profile and functional MRI results than the rest of us. Do a search of the topic and you will find a substantial number of videos made by concerned psychologists.

We too should be concerned. Our species has reached a tipping point. Like a garden being choked out by weeds, human societies have a deadly infestation of psychopaths. Although this creature looks like us, it is actually a hominid without a conscience. It is the beast prophesied about in the last book of the Bible, the Book of Revelation. Little did John, the author know that his prophetic insights would be 2000 years in the making.

John and the other sojourners in the New Testament did not take the word of their prophets lightly. These Jews of the Bible believed their prophets of old had passed down insights about the human predicament that had survival value. They had old testament texts such as Genesis and the Book of Enoch and would have been familiar with the stories about fallen angels mating with human females. And, they paid attention to their prophets’ bold proclamations about the link between evil and the ungodly offspring of these unions.

But that was not enough for these Jews. They also believed in their prophets’ declaration of a messiah yet to come. So, what was it about Jesus that these “Christian” Jews found so special as to accept him as the savior they were looking for?

Just like their venerable prophets, Jesus had made contact with the Almighty. But Jesus had a unique way of talking about his mystical union; he likened his connection to God as to a relationship between a father and son. Jesus knew he was operating on behalf of the Creator. “The Father is living in me. The Father is doing his work through me” he declared to his followers.

But it took more than a mystical union to convince these Jews that Jesus was their savior. They could see that this emissary for the Almighty had incorporated the prophetic wisdom of the Jews into His message, but with fresh insights. He had grasped a truth about our human predicament that had not been fully appreciated, or at least articulated, by his Jewish predecessors. 

In the Book of Thomas Jesus says “For the body is a domestic animal. Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself.”  He understood that humans are creatures who have been domesticated. But by whom?

When Jesus tells us to go about perfecting ourselves, He wants us to see that we are creatures in need of self-awareness. He advises us to stop pointing out the speck in another’s eye and instead deal with the log in our own. The perfection process then, starts with our humility. Without it we can easily justify any of the thoughts swirling around in our brains.

A glaring example that comes to mind is the jihadi terrorist who yells out the name of God while decapitating a woman. “Thou shall not kill” means exactly that. It matters not how loud you shout the name of God. Chances are this murderer has no idea of what a brainwashed, deluded primate he truly is. Being human requires us to rein in our freewill according to our Creator’s will and not to the will of some psychopathic warlord.

“Do not consider people, who are like animals devouring one another, to be human beings” cautions Jesus. He wants us to know that there is a hominid in our midst that looks human but is not by virtue of a lack of conscience. Could these psychopaths be related to the evil ones that the ancient prophets like Enoch were howling about?

In the Book of Revelation John mentioned those who visit the synagogue of Satan. In his visions of the future he saw what the infiltration of the Satanic does to human societies. He had glimpses into the out of control corruption and depravity generated by these psychopaths and by the gullible humans who go along with their plans.  

John knew this infestation of evil would reach a tipping point. For him it was inevitable that a time would come when the very survival of humankind would be threatened by these evil ones. And, something would have to be done. Humanity would need a way forward.

The Jews in the New Testament saw in Jesus the way forward. Jesus wants to enlighten us with the truth about our predicament as primates. The road ahead requires an adjustment in how we perceive our humble circumstance as “domestic animals”. 

We are creatures in need of an ethical discipline. By working with those inner fears, fantasies and desires that prevent us from doing the right thing, we get to forge a conscience. And, this capacity for conscience is what separates the wheat from the weeds, Homo sapiens sapiens from the psychopaths. 

Jesus knew harvest time would come. And, that time is now. We have reached the end of an epoch. Our species’ survival is on the line. We must do what we can to rid ourselves of the evil that has penetrated our societies. No longer can the psychopaths be left alone to run the show. We humans must unite around a core of conscience and work as a collective to seize the reins. "Sheep no more".

The disciples of Jesus knew He was the Messiah. He had a plan for our salvation that speaks to the evolutionary ascent of humankind. These Jews for Jesus knew He was the Christ, that evolutionary catalyst predestined to lead the way.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

                                                                                               Pic: M Wisniewska/

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November 12, 2019


"I did not come to bring peace, but a sword"
                             Jesus Christ Matthew 10:34

World-wide people are waking up. Increasing are the numbers who see that our nation-states have been taken over by a global cabal who do not have humanity's best interests in mind. With the exposure of sickening sex scandals of the rich and famous and unprecedented levels of corruption in high places, it has become increasingly apparent that humanity has been servants to a ruling class of psychopaths. 

How this came about is up for debate. But what we do know is that the Bible, as well as other ancient accounts. report that a group of beings came down from the heavens/sky and ended up mating with Homo sapiens. The offspring of that union created a hybrid species of which is said to have wrecked havoc on humanity ever since.

Some postulate that this group from the sky were extra-terrestrial in origin. Others think they may be some kind of demonic angel. And, there are those who believe that our species mated with a more advanced hominid that had aerospace technology at the time.

All this may sound far-fetched but we do have proof in our DNA that early humans mated with other species such as Neanderthal and Denisovan. So, it is possible that they mated with a more advanced species as well. This upgrade in our understanding just might help to explain why psychopaths carry a different genetic profile than the rest of us.

In addition to DNA analysis we have relics such as the elongated skulls and giant skeletons scattered across the planet. This archaeological evidence points to a history of humankind we have not yet understood. But what we have come to appreciate is that we have a group of beings, operating behind the scenes for millennia, who claim to be part of an elite bloodline with the divine right to determine the trajectory of humanity.

This covert ruling class works through their puppets like Macron and Trudeau. These politicians refuse to carry out the will of the people. They pretend to be running democracies but are secretly working to bring about something else. So, whose interests do the politicians really represent?

Like never before the information age has enabled us to put together a profile of these self-proclaimed masters of humanity. We now know how this secret ruling class deceptively moves the chess pieces around so that they can cash in on the wars and strife they instigate. Remember the weapons of mass destruction hoax that has led to a complete meltdown in the Middle-East? Also, let's not forget that there is big money to be gained from the human trafficking that goes on clandestinely in these chaos zones.

Psychopathy is believed to affect 4 to 6 % of the population. Considering the extent of the mayhem and destruction these creatures create that seems like a small number. But, it is their predatory nature that encourages this unchecked treachery.

Dig deep enough and you will find this psychopathic evil has corrupted everything from medicine to mass media. As Dr. A. Lobaczewski  aptly points out: our social systems that sprung up organically have been slowly supplanted by a pathological structure that "causes all areas of life to degenerate and become unproductive". Socialist governments, like we see in Venezuela, are a good demonstration of this degenerative phenomenon.

The question is: What are we humans going to do about this infiltration of evil into our social structures? While our focus is manipulated to keep us fussing and fighting with one another, the pathocrats clandestinely go about perverting every aspect of our lives. And now, the escapades of this secret ruling class are jeopardizing the very survival of our species. Look into Big Pharma and Big Chemical to see the facts about that.

We have reached a level of corruption that to ignore it will likely result in our species' demise. Homo sapiens then, is at an evolutionary crossroad; adaptation demands a major shift in our perceptions. No longer can we ignore our status as primates in the material creation. We must squelch the notion that our species is without a formidable enemy when clearly that is not the case.

Humankind is at war. Our species has been endowed with the capacity for conscience and we must defend it. We have an intra-species enemy, a separate ruling class, who has worked to keep humanity immersed in a psychopathic matrix and enslaved to our lower nature. This anti-Christ that threatens Homo sapiens'  nascent conscience must be dealt with now. Have no doubt about it, we are in a battle for the human soul and for that matter, the ascent of humankind. Onward, Christian soldiers.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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October 25, 2019


I never thought I would be involved in politics. However, with the arrival of the People's Party of Canada I changed my tune. This poem below is a result of my experiences canvassing for the party. I dedicate it to all those people across the planet who feel compelled to hit the streets. 

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks


Politics as usual just won’t do.
So, I’ve been hittin the streets with Susie Q.

We’ve been talkin to folks about keeping our nation strong and free
while passing out flyers promoting the policies of the PPC.

We’ve been warning peeps about the New World Order’s plan,
and, how the globalists have infiltrated to take over our land.

We’ve been chanting mantras to wake up the sheeple.
“Debt slaves no more” and “power to the Canadian people”.

We’ve been telling the folks the left/right paradigm is dead.
Nationalism versus the globalists must be our focus instead.

Politics as usual just won’t do.
So, I keep hittin the streets with that dedicated dragon-slayer,
Susie Q. 

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June 27, 2019

AI Served Up With Delusions of Grandeur

"For the body is a domestic animal. Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself"
                                                                     Jesus Christ - The Book of Thomas The Contender

With all the talk about transhumanism I thought I would offer up my two cents worth.
The poem below, I wrote years ago.  Interestingly enough it applies to today's notions about the ability of artificial intelligence to transform the human primate into God. It can be found in my book entitled Thoughts From A Contemplative Beast: The Paradigm Shift For The New Millennium.

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks


Science you blame
for our degenerate ways.
Too much knowledge,
you say is the culprit.

How can this be?
Science is a mere tool.
Layers upon layers of delusions,
we must sift through,
to get to the Truth of the matter.

But no matter
how much fruit you eat from
the tree of knowledge,
you will always remain
a subject in the kingdom of God.


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April 1, 2019

Donald J. Trump, I Want You To Know

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
                                                                                    Jesus Christ John 15:13

Each day more of us are awakening to the fact that humankind is in a battle for survival. Some of us even realize that we are dealing with an invasive psychopathic sub-species that has been lording over humanity for a very, very, long time. And, some even suspect that these are just the puppets for a greater evil intent on destroying our species.

Things were looking pretty grim until Donald J. Trump came along. His MAGA campaign certainly has put America on a positive, constructive path. And, more and more of us are hitchin a ride on the Trump train to transformation. This president has even inspired an international movement that is sure to end the globalists' grab for power.

President Trump, with his vision of greatness for America and a path to get there, has given us all hope. He has been willing to put himself out there as a target in order to help turn this ship around. I want him to know that conscious people around the world appreciate what he is doing for us; for what he is doing for all of humankind.
Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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December 22, 2018

Darkness To Light - Thank you President Trump

Finally we are seeing some real attempt to create peace in the world. Thank you President Trump! Humanity is awakening to the enemy among us, those bankers and industrialists who benefit when we go to war. And, it looks like the sheeple finally are no longer willing to support their psychopathic mission. And, President Trump, bringing the troops home, can only benefit humankind at this critical stage in our evolution.

Below is a poem I wrote years ago. Interestingly enough it seems fitting for a 2018 Christmas message. It can be found in my book entitled Thoughts From A Contemplative Beast The Paradigm Shift For The New Millennium.

Have yourself a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2019
Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

Bringing Our Boys Back Home to Love

Now boys have you come to your senses?
Will all your war games come to an end?
Can you rise up and come out of the trenches?
"Cause we got the whole wide world to mend.

Now boys can you aim to be meek
or has that ego still got you by the balls?
It's humility and God's truth we must now seek
if we're to answer our ailing Mother Earth as she calls.

Now boys can you speak of love and respect
or has the cast still got your tongue?
Olive branches you must now got fetch
if there's to be a kingdom left to come!


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July 7, 2018

THE GREAT AWAKENING: A Matter of Conscience

"Truly, do not consider those people to be human beings; rather, count them as domestic animals for just as animals devour one another, so also human beings of this kind devour one another" 
                                                                           Jesus Christ The Book of Thomas the Contender 

In recent decades we have seen a deliberate attempt to discredit religion. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins along with Christopher Hitchens have led the charge. Claiming that science is the new religion, these "horsemen of the Apocalypse" did what they could to sway public opinion in favour of atheism. And, in some respects I understand their disgust with religious institutions. Certainly a lot of delusional dogma has surfed in on the wave of one religious denomination after another, and sadly, all in the name of God. However, the mystical union I had in 1997 made it very clear to me that religion in no way equates with the Creator Almighty.

This attack on religion, strangely enough, has even included efforts to discount the existence of Jesus Christ. Some claim teachings attributed to Jesus in the New Testament are merely the compilation of wise sayings circulating at that time. The problem with that theory is: every other religion has been founded by the followers of a charismatic religious teacher/guru. So, why would Christianity be any different?

In fact, humanity would do well to take a second look at Christ's message in light of our recent archaeological finds and explosion in knowledge. At this juncture in history we really do have updated interpretations that warrant our attention. And, strangely enough some of this rethink has to incorporate what we now know about the psychopath.

In the quote above Jesus makes a distinction between two types of humans. He wants us to know that there is an actual intra-species predator among us; they look like us but are not really human. And, wouldn't you know it: 2000 years later our insights into man's inhumanity to man are proving Jesus to be correct.

Research reveals that we do indeed have a group of individuals among us who are our intra-species enemy. Lacking in conscience and empathy, this sub-group of psychopaths make up about 6% of the population. And, their malignant narcissism makes them manipulative, volatile and often criminal.

The genetics and neurology of the psychopath speak to something unique about these individuals; there appears to be a strong biological basis for their psychopathy. And, that finding has led some to postulate that this sub-group is actually another species. So it is not surprising that many psychopaths consider themselves to be different from Homo sapiens sapiens and in fact better than the rest of us.

The "scientific" explanation for the existence of this psychopathic sub-group takes into account the context of our species' evolutionary history. Simply put, these beings are a kind of genetic "throwback" if you will.   ( Dr Robert Hare)  Driven more by predatory impulse than the rest of us, the psychopath is a humanoid without a conscience. These individuals usually lust for power and excel at manipulation. So it should not be surprising that many of them have managed to climb up the corporate and political ranks in every corner of the planet.

If the truth be known, we have let this group of malevolent hominids take control of our institutions and lead our species into committing unspeakable acts of evil. Continuous war and atrocities galore are what feed the coffers of this intra-species enemy of ours. Unbeknownst to us we have been funding this "psychopathocracy" and its expansion for a very long time. (Dr. Andrew Loaczewski)

Discouraging as it may seem, there is some good news. A great awakening is occurring. Many people of goodwill are beginning to see this psychopathic malignancy in our midst. And, the critical masses, if awake, just might be able to change the trajectory we are on just in time. We do not have to continue down the path of destruction laid out for Homo sapiens sapiens by a cabal of psychopaths.

Interestingly enough, a big part of the solution has to do with those qualities that make us human. We must be willing to replace the divisiveness that has been inculcated between us with a willingness to unify "around the core of conscience". ( Dr.Andrew Loaczewski) So, the first step in building a moral fortress to contain the psychopathic threat is to ensure that we all have a conscience.

Certainly our species is endowed with the neurological apparatus which makes having a conscience possible. But, there are still too many of us susceptible to the temptations coming from the psychopathic element. It has become apparent that humanity must undergo an upgrade. Each one of us needs a moral compass, an ethical discipline informed by the knowledge of right from wrong. Like Adam and Eve, each one of us must partake in the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil to awaken the conscience within.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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