September 18, 2023


For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.     Ephesians 6: 12 


Humanity has reached the end of an age. And right now, there is a spiritual battle going on just as predicted in the Bible. What appears to be a power struggle between globalists and humankind represents the culmination of a 6,000-year-old subversive struggle against God. 


Some kind of alien species, that may be extra-terrestrial, has been clandestinely running the show. Their aim is to prevent the evolution of the human species. They do this by secretly installing, in officialdom, dim-witted subordinates who will carry out their devious wishes. They work to keep humankind traumatized and hustling to get lower-level needs met. Their relentless war machine is just one of their maneuvers to fix our focus on the material world. 


These parasites in power prefer the status quo because that means they can continue to interfere with the trajectory of human progress. But The Almighty Creator has other plans. At some point in our species’ evolution humans have been endowed with the capacity for free will.  


Although Homo sapiens sapiens is a herd animal, more and more of us are realizing that we do not have to follow the crowd nor our masters’ mandates. We have access to a different level of consciousness. At this stage in our species’ evolution our thought patterns and behaviors need not be founded on animal imperatives nor conditioned responses. Instead, we are freed up from this mental slavery, to discover how we can live nobly in an animal environment. 


By examining our “inner kingdom” of thought and feeling we can monitor our own egocentricity to consider how we best serve the needs of others and our environment. Essentially this conscious awareness of the self helps to alert us to the problem our bestial inclinations pose. We can see that habitual self-centeredness is not good for healthy human relations. We can appreciate that the natural law governing the universe does indeed apply to our own set of circumstances. And more than ever, logic and ethics become the quest instead of the whims of the egocentric self. 


This pursuit to figure out how to behave honorably in the animal kingdom signifies a radical psychological transformationLearning to tune into the wee small voice of the inner conscience has the potential to morph into an encounter with the formless spirit within. We can truly appreciate what it means to be a “spirit having a human experience”. We can experience our true self as consciousness occupying an animal form.  


By using our incredible ability to manipulate our own self-development, we arrive at a different evolutionary level. We are clear about our role as co-creators of our own species. It is we who are responsible for the nature of this beastParadoxically, this journey of self-discovery helps us to consider our human predicament from a more transcendent perspective. 


Homo sapiens sapiens is a dimension of the emergent universe. That means we are conduits through which the Almighty Creator is at work. There is a fundamental connection between our human consciousness and that of the all-encompassing Cosmic-Consciousness powering the universe. And amazingly, humans have the capacity to liquidate the thin veil between the two by triggering an evolutionary mechanism in the brain. This is called a mystical union.

The Creator working in and through history, is not in another world. We are meant to walk with God because there is no other justification for our existence. The Ruler of the universe is not meant to be “an object of strained imaginings”.  Humans are called to ascend to the evolutionary level that allows for legitimate contact with the Almighty. And that is something the rulers of darkness and forces of evil do not want to see. 


Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks



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July 19, 2023

One Love It Is

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“Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth". 
                                                  Jesus Christ Matthew 5:5

Humanity has been fooled big time. Simply put, we have had a cabal of psychopaths pushing psychological operations designed to distort our knowledge base and shape our worldview. And, our politicians have been of no help; they do not care that science, medicine and education have been taken over by corporate interests. Our leaders have been corrupted and are beholden to this unelected power elite.

The goal of these evil ones is to prevent Homo sapiens from evolving into a rational, loving species. They want us confused and fearful so that we remain a slave class and do their bidding. And, this assertion that Homo sapiens has been a slave species is not an exaggeration. 

Ancient accounts tell us that an alteration of Homo sapiens' genes was done on purpose early on in our species’ history.  Apparently a more advanced "alien" race did so in order to address their need for cheap labor. But what gives these antediluvian narratives credence is the genetic evidence now surfacing. 

These days it is difficult to know what to believe. But despite what this cabal of parasites has done to mess with the evolutionary trajectory of humanity, here we are now. Humankind is a species awakening to the facts about our organic predicament; we have a formidable enemy in our midst that is not human.

The question remains as to how we are going to deal with this infestation. Right now, I see a lot of finger-pointing going on. Some claim our trouble began with the hippie movement and others attribute it to the feminists. Then, there are those who put the blame on the church’s milk-toast approach to sin. I am not sure how these accusations toward one another are going to help us gain freedom from the parasite class ruling over all of us.

The fact is many of our good ideas have been usurped and put through what Dr. Andrew Lobaczewski calls a ponerological process. This occurs when psychopaths usurp an ideological banner and then subject it to a degradation that in no way resembles the original belief. For example, the original ideology of feminism has nothing to do with the pussy hat brigade. Nor does the authentic message of Jesus the Christ have anything to do with the rainbow agenda endorsed in many churches these days. So, it is best to quit with the finger-pointing and work on the solution.

At this juncture in evolution our species’ task is to coalesce around a core of conscience. We cannot afford to squabble about religion, politics and other ideologies which have been subject to ponerological processes. The psychopaths are rolling out their plans for humanity’s demise while we continue fussing and fighting with one another.

But many humans are baffled about the best use of their free will. We like to think of our behavior as something driven by factors outside the domain of our personal responsibility. For the most part we lack a conscious awareness of our own psychic processes. We are inclined to believe that our own emotional roller-coaster ride is indicative of real events.

We often allow our egocentric delusion to culminate in self-imposed misery and much suffering for others.  As we peer out from our animal eyes, we do not realize that the remnants of our bestial origins lie incorporated deep within the structures of our human psyche. We do not recognize how our fluctuating brain chemistry deceives us.

We are not yet the evolved and logical creatures that we fancy ourselves to be. And, rather than face the truth about our humble position, we like to covet illusions about our own virtue and perfection. So much so that some even believe the New Age claims that portray humans as God. Some even believe that what they think is what God is thinking. 

It is true that The All-Encompassing Entity who powers our cosmos is the very ground of our being. And, for some who have emancipated themselves from the mental slavery brought on by egocentricity, they actually can make contact with the Creator of our universe. But the human is not and never will be the Almighty. Jesus knew that and even said so: "There is only One who is good”. Matthew 19:17

Humankind is a dimension of the emergent universe. And, right now h
umanity, because of the threat from psychopaths, is experiencing evolutionary pressures.  Adaptation to the current state of the universe requires actual transformations in our species' consciousness.  If humanity is to unite around the core of conscience, each one of us is responsible to become more conscious of the impact of our own behaviors.

This means we must be willing to search out the truth about our own thoughts and actions to determine if, in fact, we are operating in accordance with what is required of us. We must be willing to use our minds to tune into that voice of the inner conscience. In a very real sense, we are being compelled to ascend the evolutionary ladder or watch the extinction of our species.

The continuation of humankind literally depends on our ability to form a united front. But harmonious human relations are not going to magically appear. First we must learn to think differently about our existential predicament. 
Each one of us has to come face to face with our bestial origins and human nature – from somewhat of a transcendent perspective – as we try to figure out what to do with ourselves. 

To consider our organic predicament in light of this understanding is to gain a deeper appreciation for why Jesus proclaimed: “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth".

Faithfully yours, 

Sheila Banks


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April 19, 2023


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“If you love me, you will obey what I command. And, I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever –the Spirit of truth ……" 
                                                                                                          John 14:15 -17

Years ago, I came across a book entitled The Tangled Wing by Melvin Konner. I was struck by his description of how adaptation plays out in a species. Konner mentions a type of bird that relied mainly on a certain color of berry for its survival. If my recall is correct, the berry was the color red. Consequently, individual birds in that species were born with cones and rods in their eyes that easily picked out red in the landscape.

Over time when the red berries were no longer an available food source, the survival of that bird species required a change in behavior. Then, as if by magic, a unique bird was born into the flock. This bird was endowed with the capacity to readily pick out the color blue. The ability to do so enabled the bird to access a different food source, blue-colored berries. Eventually the rest of the flock caught on and mimicked the unique bird.

Even more amazing is that over time the visual apparatus of this species underwent a transformation. Birds were being born with eyes built to hunt out the color blue. By copying the behaviors of the unique bird, they eventually altered the genetic make-up of their species.

Is it not reasonable to assume that a similar rescue mission could occur in the human species? After all, humans do exist in the same organic predicament as the birds. What if, just like our feathered friends, a unique individual magically appeared in our species? And, if the Creator Almighty did elect to descend into a person in order to alter the trajectory of human history, what would that look like?

“The father is living in me, doing his work through me” Jesus proclaimed. Just like the Old Testament prophets who went before him Jesus knew his mission was to confront the moral decay threatening his people. He was aware of the evil ones and their synagogue of Satan. In the Book of Thomas the Contender we see Jesus calling out the malevolent for their lack of conscience and he goes so far as to say they are not human.

Although it has taken two thousand years, finally the time has arrived that Jesus and the prophets were fretting about. Humanity now faces the catastrophic level of corruption anticipated long ago. Psychopaths who are not human by virtue of their genetics have been allowed to seize critical positions of control.

These nasty parasites use their positions of power and influence to generate opportunities to harm humans. They have nothing but contempt for us. They work to extract our money and other resources. Some of these lunatics have even gone so far as to cook up designs to replace the human with artificial intelligence. Dr. Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerolgy classifies them as an intra-species enemy.

The Old Testament prophets had their ways of dealing with this problem. But, the days of roaming the land looking to slay the descendants of Nephilim are long gone. We need to create societies in which the psychopaths can never have a foothold again. And for that, we need a transformation in human consciousness.

Jesus beckons us to investigate the “kingdom within.” He wants us to think about what is going on in our hearts. Do our own thoughts and behaviors really measure up to the moral standards best suited for human interdependency? Do we even recognize the impact our bestial self-centeredness has on us?

“For the body is a domestic animal, Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself” warns Jesus. We must learn to side-step those psychological defenses which spring from our animal nature if we are to resist the urge to justify our most unwholesome behaviors. This kind of self-righteousness merely prevents us from seeing what to improve upon.

If we acknowledge the egocentricity that distorts our thinking, we can avoid being driven by a mere animal self-interest. An actual metamorphosis of our own psyche can occur when we are open to the truth about our own attitudes and actions. B
y evaluating the extent to which we deviate from the extraordinary humility and love Jesus modeled for us, we can facilitate the emergence of a strong conscience. It is with truth as our counselor and reformer that we get to ascend the evolutionary ladder.

In a very real sense, we must be willing to use our minds to tune into that voice of the inner conscience. Healthy human relations depend on it. After all, conscience is what separates humans from psychopaths. And, if the truth be known, conscience not only helps us to address the reality of human interdependency. Conscience is the key to a relationship with the Almighty Creator residing within us; something a psychopath will never have access to.

Like Konner’s unique bird, we can see that Jesus the Christ is operating in an incredible capacity as evolutionary catalyst, but for our species. He wants us to experience a psychological liberation that begins our ascent from the animal to a spiritual mode of existence. In doing so, not only do we further distinguish our species from the psychopaths among us but we actually alter the genetic make-up of our own species.

Early in this new millennium Homo sapiens sapiens has reached a crossroad. We cannot allow our beautiful species to be snuffed out by psychopathic parasites. In some circles there is a belief that Jesus will reappear in the human arena to save us. However, this son of God clearly told us that he would ask The Father to send us a new counselor who would stay with us forever. He has – the Spirit of Truth. Are you listening?

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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November 15, 2022

A Cosmic Harvest: The Bifurcation of Our Species

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“Just as weeds are gathered and burned with fire, so it will be at end of the age.” 
                                                                                     Jesus Christ Matthew 13:40

Unbeknownst to many, we have had an intra-species enemy interfering in the affairs of humans for millennia. Psychopaths look human but are not by virtue of different genetics. Their predatory nature compels them to seek out positions of power so that they can corrupt and destroy our world.  Consequently, we can no longer overlook this blight on humanity. They must be dealt with once and for all.

But do not count on any savior to rearrange humanity’s relationship to these creatures. That will be up to us. We will have to figure out what to do with ourselves so that we finally win this battle for humanity’s freedom.

Fortunately, there is a considerable number of people who can help with the cause. They have an adequately developed consciousness and cannot be manipulated. They will not succumb to the many psychological operations performed on the public to keep the masses in line. They have their critical faculties intact.

However, there exists a substantial group whose egotism makes for a less rational mind. These are the ones the psychopaths count on to do their bidding. They are easily weaponized because their pathological sense of self-importance has them dreaming up ways to gain power over others. We saw this in Nazi Germany when some had no qualms about reporting their neighbors to the authorities, even when it meant death for them.

It has been shocking to see what has been playing out during the past 2.5 years. How easy it is to polarize society by manipulating those who are self-absorbed. The powers that be, after stroking egos, merely must pump out messages of fear across the media platforms they control. And voila, we have the vaccinated pitted against the purebloods.

Unfortunately, it is going to take a major shakeup to bring the brainwashed to their senses. And that is exactly what is in the making now as the death toll of vaccine recipients rises daily. Those who have been duped are about to realize it. 

The astute among us have been watching this mass formation psychosis play out. We know we are in a war but of a different kind. The enemy's main weapon is our ignorance about the predator psychopaths among us. The public needs to understand how they weaponize confused humans with slick propaganda and other psychological tactics.  

The current deluge of corruption and destruction has brought Homo sapiens sapiens to an evolutionary juncture. This battle with psychopaths, and their human lackeys, is a catalyst for transformation; our species' defense requires a different level of human consciousness. No longer can we allow our egocentricity to skew our perceptions about the organic predicament in which we find ourselves. 

The threat to our species' survival demands an actual expansion of perception in the human primate. I am talking neuroplasticity here not merely eyesight. But the question remains as to how many more of us can acquire the humility necessary to make this evolutionary leap. Jesus predicted that a harvest time for our species would come, in which the wheat will be separated from the weeds. It certainly looks like that time is now.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


                                                                                                                    Pic: Tim Matras/ Unsplash

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