November 29, 2017

Lambs To The Slaughter

Truly do not consider those people to be human beings; rather ......
 for just as animals devour one another
                 so also human beings of this kind devour one another.    Jesus Christ 
                                                                                            The Book of Thomas The Contender

Astrologers have been declaring this time would come. Recently the planet Jupiter has entered into Scorpio territory where secrets are dug up.  And boy, are we ever getting hit with scores of them already. Sex scandals galore, manufactured wars, and corruption at every level are the revelations we had better pay attention to.

Although big money has gone into keeping a lot of people quiet about what is really going on, the time has come to wake up or perish my friends. We have to face the facts about how we are allowing the destruction of our habitat and our bodies. We cannot continue to blatantly disregard our Mother Earth with our oil spills, water contamination and pesticides that kill our pollinators.

God only knows what is being sprayed across our skies.  Considering all the other environmental fiascoes "experts" have cooked up in the last 50 years I can no longer trust what is being said about these efforts at geo-engineering our weather,  I wonder how many know about the spraying of weaponized mycoplasma  in North America. Now, as a result of this we are seeing biting insects contaminated with this infective; this means that a simple bug bite can turn into a death sentence. And, even more strange is the CDC's refusal to accept the victims of this experiment as having a legitimate diagnosis in need of long-term treatment.

How were we convinced that regular dousing of our crops with chemicals is good for the land, or our bodies? Now, these poisons have made their way into human breast milk.  When you really take a look at what is going on here, you have to wonder who is it that keeps okaying all of this.

The fact, that any jurisdiction would think plastic beads in hand soap is okay, simply defies logic. Yet, our sleepy governments rubber stamp this nonsense only to watch it ruin our waterways. This seems intentional. Just as suspicious is the CDC's rubber stamping of vaccines while ignoring what our electron microscopy is telling us about their contamination with mycoplasma. And, on and on it goes. Folks, something is not right here. At the risk of sounding conspiratorial I would say Homo sapiens is under attack.

Somehow we have been manipulated into giving our power to the "scientific" experts; we let them drive policy when clearly they have been mistaken about many things. And, just like they did with deadly cigarettes, they want to keep us in the dark about the destruction that is really going on. I say this because I don't think many people in North America know about the recent oil spill in Athens, Greece or the second one that just took place in the Gulf of Mexico. The news networks to which I usually turn have kept eerily silent on these serious matters and so many more.

To be kind though,  I shouldn't assume our experts have all the facts. After all, with Big Pharma and Big Chemical funding our medical schools and research labs we can assume their Big money influences what is taught there. Perhaps this is why an essential course covering mycoplasma and its relationship to chronic diseases like cancer  and diabetes has not been made an integral part of the medical school curriculum. And, could it possibly be that the suspicious death of  over 100 top microbiologists has been an attempt to stop the transmission of this life-saving knowledge?

Some claim that these assaults on our environment and our bodies are the result of an inside job, likely the consequence of massive ignorance and greed. Others claim the inside job is the workings of a cabal of psychopathic humans. These devious, they say, have been allowed to take over the reigns of this ship by greasing the palms of whomever would have it. But, could it be that simple? Has the love of money got us in this pickle? Or, is there something more going on here?

Although hard to fathom, there are a number of people who believe the attack is coming from outside our species. The former Canadian Minister of  National Defense, Paul Hellyer is one of them. In his books and interviews Hellyer repeatedly states that our planet has been invaded by some kind of alien race. He even claims that these aliens have positioned themselves to impact US policies and geopolitics. And folks, he is not the only informed and connected one saying this. 

I try to keep an open mind because of what I know. I do know that Homo sapiens is an animal species. Although our ability to cooperate has allowed for a certain level of complacency we would be naive to think we are immune from an attack outside of our species. I also know without a shadow of a doubt that somebody, or something, is making policy decisions that are detrimental for our planet and our bodies. Could it be then, that Homo sapiens is like a frog in water on the stove top? And, like that frog, what we don't realize is that we are about to get cooked.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks


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