October 25, 2019


I never thought I would be involved in politics. However, with the arrival of the People's Party of Canada I changed my tune. This poem below is a result of my experiences canvassing for the party. I dedicate it to all those people across the planet who feel compelled to hit the streets. 

Faithfully yours,
Sheila Banks


Politics as usual just won’t do.
So, I’ve been hittin the streets with Susie Q.

We’ve been talkin to folks about keeping our nation strong and free
while passing out flyers promoting the policies of the PPC.

We’ve been warning peeps about the New World Order’s plan,
and, how the globalists have infiltrated to take over our land.

We’ve been chanting mantras to wake up the sheeple.
“Debt slaves no more” and “power to the Canadian people”.

We’ve been telling the folks the left/right paradigm is dead.
Nationalism versus the globalists must be our focus instead.

Politics as usual just won’t do.
So, I keep hittin the streets with that dedicated dragon-slayer,
Susie Q. 

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