July 7, 2018

THE GREAT AWAKENING: A Matter of Conscience

"Truly, do not consider those people to be human beings; rather, count them as domestic animals for just as animals devour one another, so also human beings of this kind devour one another" 
                                                                           Jesus Christ The Book of Thomas the Contender 

In recent decades we have seen a deliberate attempt to discredit religion. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins along with Christopher Hitchens have led the charge. Claiming that science is the new religion, these "horsemen of the Apocalypse" did what they could to sway public opinion in favour of atheism. And, in some respects I understand their disgust with religious institutions. Certainly a lot of delusional dogma has surfed in on the wave of one religious denomination after another, and sadly, all in the name of God. However, the mystical union I had in 1997 made it very clear to me that religion in no way equates with the Creator Almighty.

This attack on religion, strangely enough, has even included efforts to discount the existence of Jesus Christ. Some claim teachings attributed to Jesus in the New Testament are merely the compilation of wise sayings circulating at that time. The problem with that theory is: every other religion has been founded by the followers of a charismatic religious teacher/guru. So, why would Christianity be any different?

In fact, humanity would do well to take a second look at Christ's message in light of our recent archaeological finds and explosion in knowledge. At this juncture in history we really do have updated interpretations that warrant our attention. And, strangely enough some of this rethink has to incorporate what we now know about the psychopath.

In the quote above Jesus makes a distinction between two types of humans. He wants us to know that there is an actual intra-species predator among us; they look like us but are not really human. And, wouldn't you know it: 2000 years later our insights into man's inhumanity to man are proving Jesus to be correct.

Research reveals that we do indeed have a group of individuals among us who are our intra-species enemy. Lacking in conscience and empathy, this sub-group of psychopaths make up about 6% of the population. And, their malignant narcissism makes them manipulative, volatile and often criminal.

The genetics and neurology of the psychopath speak to something unique about these individuals; there appears to be a strong biological basis for their psychopathy. And, that finding has led some to postulate that this sub-group is actually another species. So it is not surprising that many psychopaths consider themselves to be different from Homo sapiens sapiens and in fact better than the rest of us.

The "scientific" explanation for the existence of this psychopathic sub-group takes into account the context of our species' evolutionary history. Simply put, these beings are a kind of genetic "throwback" if you will.   ( Dr Robert Hare)  Driven more by predatory impulse than the rest of us, the psychopath is a humanoid without a conscience. These individuals usually lust for power and excel at manipulation. So it should not be surprising that many of them have managed to climb up the corporate and political ranks in every corner of the planet.

If the truth be known, we have let this group of malevolent hominids take control of our institutions and lead our species into committing unspeakable acts of evil. Continuous war and atrocities galore are what feed the coffers of this intra-species enemy of ours. Unbeknownst to us we have been funding this "psychopathocracy" and its expansion for a very long time. (Dr. Andrew Loaczewski)

Discouraging as it may seem, there is some good news. A great awakening is occurring. Many people of goodwill are beginning to see this psychopathic malignancy in our midst. And, the critical masses, if awake, just might be able to change the trajectory we are on just in time. We do not have to continue down the path of destruction laid out for Homo sapiens sapiens by a cabal of psychopaths.

Interestingly enough, a big part of the solution has to do with those qualities that make us human. We must be willing to replace the divisiveness that has been inculcated between us with a willingness to unify "around the core of conscience". ( Dr.Andrew Loaczewski) So, the first step in building a moral fortress to contain the psychopathic threat is to ensure that we all have a conscience.

Certainly our species is endowed with the neurological apparatus which makes having a conscience possible. But, there are still too many of us susceptible to the temptations coming from the psychopathic element. It has become apparent that humanity must undergo an upgrade. Each one of us needs a moral compass, an ethical discipline informed by the knowledge of right from wrong. Like Adam and Eve, each one of us must partake in the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil to awaken the conscience within.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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