April 19, 2023


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“If you love me, you will obey what I command. And, I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Counselor to be with you forever –the Spirit of truth ……" 
                                                                                                          John 14:15 -17

Years ago, I came across a book entitled The Tangled Wing by Melvin Konner. I was struck by his description of how adaptation plays out in a species. Konner mentions a type of bird that relied mainly on a certain color of berry for its survival. If my recall is correct, the berry was the color red. Consequently, individual birds in that species were born with cones and rods in their eyes that easily picked out red in the landscape.

Over time when the red berries were no longer an available food source, the survival of that bird species required a change in behavior. Then, as if by magic, a unique bird was born into the flock. This bird was endowed with the capacity to readily pick out the color blue. The ability to do so enabled the bird to access a different food source, blue-colored berries. Eventually the rest of the flock caught on and mimicked the unique bird.

Even more amazing is that over time the visual apparatus of this species underwent a transformation. Birds were being born with eyes built to hunt out the color blue. By copying the behaviors of the unique bird, they eventually altered the genetic make-up of their species.

Is it not reasonable to assume that a similar rescue mission could occur in the human species? After all, humans do exist in the same organic predicament as the birds. What if, just like our feathered friends, a unique individual magically appeared in our species? And, if the Creator Almighty did elect to descend into a person in order to alter the trajectory of human history, what would that look like?

“The father is living in me, doing his work through me” Jesus proclaimed. Just like the Old Testament prophets who went before him Jesus knew his mission was to confront the moral decay threatening his people. He was aware of the evil ones and their synagogue of Satan. In the Book of Thomas the Contender we see Jesus calling out the malevolent for their lack of conscience and he goes so far as to say they are not human.

Although it has taken two thousand years, finally the time has arrived that Jesus and the prophets were fretting about. Humanity now faces the catastrophic level of corruption anticipated long ago. Psychopaths who are not human by virtue of their genetics have been allowed to seize critical positions of control.

These nasty parasites use their positions of power and influence to generate opportunities to harm humans. They have nothing but contempt for us. They work to extract our money and other resources. Some of these lunatics have even gone so far as to cook up designs to replace the human with artificial intelligence. Dr. Lobaczewski in his book Political Ponerolgy classifies them as an intra-species enemy.

The Old Testament prophets had their ways of dealing with this problem. But, the days of roaming the land looking to slay the descendants of Nephilim are long gone. We need to create societies in which the psychopaths can never have a foothold again. And for that, we need a transformation in human consciousness.

Jesus beckons us to investigate the “kingdom within.” He wants us to think about what is going on in our hearts. Do our own thoughts and behaviors really measure up to the moral standards best suited for human interdependency? Do we even recognize the impact our bestial self-centeredness has on us?

“For the body is a domestic animal, Therefore, you must go about perfecting yourself” warns Jesus. We must learn to side-step those psychological defenses which spring from our animal nature if we are to resist the urge to justify our most unwholesome behaviors. This kind of self-righteousness merely prevents us from seeing what to improve upon.

If we acknowledge the egocentricity that distorts our thinking, we can avoid being driven by a mere animal self-interest. An actual metamorphosis of our own psyche can occur when we are open to the truth about our own attitudes and actions. B
y evaluating the extent to which we deviate from the extraordinary humility and love Jesus modeled for us, we can facilitate the emergence of a strong conscience. It is with truth as our counselor and reformer that we get to ascend the evolutionary ladder.

In a very real sense, we must be willing to use our minds to tune into that voice of the inner conscience. Healthy human relations depend on it. After all, conscience is what separates humans from psychopaths. And, if the truth be known, conscience not only helps us to address the reality of human interdependency. Conscience is the key to a relationship with the Almighty Creator residing within us; something a psychopath will never have access to.

Like Konner’s unique bird, we can see that Jesus the Christ is operating in an incredible capacity as evolutionary catalyst, but for our species. He wants us to experience a psychological liberation that begins our ascent from the animal to a spiritual mode of existence. In doing so, not only do we further distinguish our species from the psychopaths among us but we actually alter the genetic make-up of our own species.

Early in this new millennium Homo sapiens sapiens has reached a crossroad. We cannot allow our beautiful species to be snuffed out by psychopathic parasites. In some circles there is a belief that Jesus will reappear in the human arena to save us. However, this son of God clearly told us that he would ask The Father to send us a new counselor who would stay with us forever. He has – the Spirit of Truth. Are you listening?

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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