January 31, 2018

TRUMPETING FOR TRUMP : Another Lesson In Humility

About a year ago I had posted an essay entitled "Sounding The Trumpet". The target of that essay was  Donald J.Trump. I wanted to sound the alarm about his "unpresidential" behavior that had been reported in the news. However, something did not sit right with me about my hasty judgment of  the president; I promptly realized that I had committed a no no. It was a clear case of condemnation before investigation so I quickly deleted the blog post

When I posted that essay I was blind to the fact that my opinion had been shaped by Operation Mockingbird. I did not know that the mainstream media has been severely compromised for decades. I was unaware that there was an actual CIA operation utilizing the media as a means of controlling public opinion. But once I became aware of this I could see how these tactics were being used at every opportunity. Not only were they denigrating the good works of Donald Trump but this operation had been launched to shape wide-spread acceptance of detrimental  health, social and economic policy.

Much to my shock and dismay I found out that there truly is a cabal of psychopaths who have been running the show. Over the years I had heard a lot of talk about the deep state, Illuminati and Freemasons but until I came across the facts about the Mockingbird operation it didn't really mean much. But with the knowledge of what the CIA has been up to, it all started to make sense. And, that was when my fake world came crashing down; talk about a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

The success of this cabal in promoting their lies is seen everywhere. Take the case of the psychiatrists who have never met President Trump but nevertheless called for an investigation into his mental health. I wonder how they are going to fare when they realize just how brainwashed they truly are. Actually though, there should be an outcry demanding an investigation into these ego-filled maniacs and make them accountable for their reckless claims. They are a disgrace to their profession; how can we trust doctors who seem to compromise their reputation for the love of money? How can we trust  professional associations that turn a blind eye to such non-sense in the name of medicine?

And then, there is that bimbo who was interviewed by Laura Ingraham on Fox news. This girl, who couldn't even look into the camera, had the gall to get on national television and give her analysis of Trump's marriage. Without even ever having talked to the Trump family she had the audacity to broadcast her delusional analysis across the nation.

Folks, the above are just two examples of  how deluded the human animal can get; the lack of  humility is truly staggering. Sadly, it is indicative of  the stranglehold that Operation Mockingbird has had. But hopefully the "unawakened" can rid themselves of their Trump Derangement Syndrome by investigating what the Donald has really been up to for the American people, and if the truth be known, for the whole wide world.

Faithfully yours,

Sheila Banks

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